Our company

Our skin is by far the largest organ we have. 26 seconds is all it takes for chemicals in the personal care products to enter the blood Stream. Think about it. How important is this that for the rest of our body.

Fact: the average woman uses an average of 12 skin care products per day. This exposes her to 185 chemicals that may be absorbed into the bloodstream through her skin … every day!

– The Environmental Working Group.

Many of the chemicals we are exposed to through skin care, personal care and cosmetic products are linked to:

-Skin allergies & irritations
-Hormonal disturbances & imbalances
-Abnormal cell formation
-Reduced immunity & liver function

There are plenty of reasons for us to switch to natural skin care products. We at Easytan are passionate and specialized in Organic tanning & skin care products.

We are even more passionate about organic beauty and that is why we recommend Organic Tanning, Skin Care & Body Care, Sunscreen and Aftersun.

Vos Media ApS rapidly developed from start-up to successful marketing and reseller company in the European union for the extremely popular beauty brands like Eco Tan -  Bioregen, Zoii and Eco by Sonya. This is just one of the brands we have under our wings. Brands that are special. With the right story, the right partners that can create a unique assortment and most important Brands that promote Organic Sunless Tanning, Body Care & Skin Care category.

Our Mission


– Select products that are good for both health and the environment, and at the same time promote an exquisite feeling of luxury and high quality.
– Strongly encourage values sustainable traditional production methods and ethical business practices.
– Choose every single product very carefully and is tested by us to meet our strict standards of ingredients, quality and effect. We sell exclusively products that we are proud of and 100% happy with.

Our Commitment

– It is important that the products are developed with the well-being of the consumers in mind. The products are certified organic and all natural. It provides a number of guarantees that products meet the strict requirements for wellbeing and safety. Our partners can therefore be assured of that.